Design Review

...improve your project with expert advice

Design Review is a respected method of improving the quality of new development by offering constructive, impartial and expert advice. 

Design Review panel meetings allow local authorities, clients, developers and design teams to present their schemes at the pre-planning stage to a panel of experts from the built environment sector and benefit from the discussion and constructive advice of the panel.

  • Impartial

  • Independent

  • Trusted

  • Proven

The Opun Panel

OPUN ensures that there is not a conflict of interest, and adhers to the Cabe 10 principles for Design Review underwritten by RIBA, RTPI and the Landscape Institute. We build our panels to suit the specific needs of your project, so you get the expertise you need.


James Arnold 

Town Planner and Urban Designer

Peter Chown 

Architect and Historic Environment

John Dejardin (Vice Chair)

Landscape Architect


Heather Emery (Vice Chair)

Town Planner, Urban Designer and Heritage

Robert Evans (Vice Chair)


Nils Feldmann(Vice Chair)



Andy Thomas


Simon Carne (Vice Chair)


Fiona Heron (Vice Chair)

Landscape Architect


Alina Hughes

Architect and Urban Design

Phil Jones


Annabel Keegan

Transport Planner and Urban Design


Rob Hollins


Andy Cameron


Emily Walsh

Highways and Urban Design


Clive Keble

Town Planner and Regeneration

Stefan Kruczkowski

Urban Design

Laura Alvarez

Urban Design and Architect


Adam Lathbury

Landscape Architect and Urban Design